Thank you for visiting our small corner of the web! S’more Clothing Co. is a customer focused, active member of the local and global community – and are a member of the Strathmore & Wheatland Chamber of Commerce. Our team can often be found volunteering, participating in or supporting local initiatives. We try to consider the “little things” that impact how we do business reducing production waste and limiting packaging.

We are proud to be a Canadian small business and are actively involved with our regional sports clubs and educational institutions. Recently we added our SCPERFOMA branded product to meet the growing demand for custom sports apparel that we have received since launching S’more Clothing. This has empowered us to provide our customers with not only the products we decorate in house but additional access to a large network of high quality sport apparel and related items from well known brands. We hope you enjoy our exclusive designs and can benefit from some of our quality apparel products.

Bobbie at S'more Clothing Co.

Bobbie Parkins
COO & Co-Founder

Bobbie is an upbeat mother of three who enjoys reading and creative endeavours. From working with the local schools to the mini library program she is a well organized and happy to help.

Ryan at S'more Clothing Co.

Ryan Parkins
Marketing & Co-Founder

With over a decade of design and marketing experience Ryan appreciates the opportunity to help clients meet their unique needs. He loves soccer and being a father.

Otto at S'more Clothing Co.

Otto Miller
Accounts & Co-Founder

Otto is a motivated and hardworking grandfather with a skilled eye for fabrics gained from his almost two decades in the bedding industry.