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Quotes are valid for 10 business days after which they may be subject to changes in pricing.


Once an order has been made, including artwork changes, garment sizes, quantities, personalizations, or other options, and has been approved, the order may not be cancelled or modified.

Design Proofing and Experimental Work

Any work done by client’s request, such as sketches, drawings, composition, screen, presswork, and materials, may be subject to charges depending on complexity of request and will remain the exclusive property of S’more Clothing. Use of work or ideas obtained during these developmental stages is prohibited, unless agreed upon in writing.

Customer Supplied Artwork

Printing estimates are based on the client supplying print-ready artwork that doesn’t require extra touch-ups or clean-up. If additional time is needed to prepare artwork, the client will be billed at current rates, and final time or due date of order may change. Please contact us about any inquiries about fees and charges.

Preparatory Materials

Items supplied by S’more Clothing will remain exclusive property of S’more Clothing except upon compensation agreed upon in writing. 


Alterations are any additional work to the original specifications. They will be charged at current rates and agreed upon in writing.


Proof approvals and revisions can be communicated through email or through Designer Tool to avoid final due date delays. 

For orders requiring manual approval, said written approval is required through email. A written request must be made when proofs are received if revised proofs are desired.  Manual order revisions are only accepted through email.

S’more Clothing regrets undetected errors that may go through production. S’more Clothing cannot be held responsible for errors if the word, design, or logo is printed with client’s approval or changes are communicated verbally.

Colour Reproduction and Proofing

Because of the differences between displays, printers, inks, garments and environmental conditions there will be a reasonable variation in color between concepts, proofs and final products. Limited variations should be expected and will constitute an acceptable product. S’more Clothing Co. makes every effort to match size and colour to the proof and pride ourselves on high quality apparel. 

Shipping and Delivery

Our company cannot take responsibility for delays with Canada Post or your selected courier at the time of checkout, and can only guarantee the client’s order left the S’more Clothing premises on time. Price quoted is for a single shipment, without storage, F.O.B., local client’s place of business, or F.O.B. S’more Clothing’s platform for out of town clients, unless otherwise specified. Unless otherwise specified, these proposals are assuming continuous and uninterrupted delivery of completed orders.

Production Schedules

Production scheduled will be established and adhered to by the client and S’more Clothing, if neither shall incur any liability, penalty, or delays due to state of war, riot, civil disorder, fire, strikes, accidents, action of Government or civil authority, acts of God, or other causes beyond the control of the client or S’more Clothing.

Payment Terms

Before production and turnaround time can commence, a pre-authorization for the full value of the order is required. Once the client approves ir, pre-authorization is captured, and turnaround begins. Upon order completion, the client’s credit card will be charged in full.

General Warranty

Neverest Creative Inc. operating as S’more Clothing Co. shall disclaim any and all express or implied warranties of merchandise or warranty of fitness for a particular purpose. Although our company sources and uses quality apparel products the wide variation in detergents and laundering practices mean we cannot guarantee against any fading or shrinkage of garments during laundering. Any claims against your order must be made within 5 days of receipt. Beyond 5 days refunds, exchanges or other compensation cannot be issued.


Unless agreed upon in writing beforehand, S’more Clothing reserves the right to substitute material of equal or better quality.

Defective Goods

Apparel items not approved as quality items will be made available to be purchased at a reduced cost determined by S’more Clothing. If the client refuses such items, S’more Clothing reserves the right to sell them as seconds or irregulars as determined by S’more Clothing.


Unless agreed upon in writing or requested beforehand, all items will be packaged in ‘bulk.’ Individual packaging will be charged at current rates and requested during online order submission.

General Terms

S’more Clothing Co. recommends all clients place orders in a timeline that allows for unforeseen delays with production, shipping or other circumstances. We generally aim to have orders completed within one business week from final proof approval uncontrollable delays do on rare occasions occur. Please note that an order is not considered places until all pertinent order details have been received including payment and shipping selection. We highly recommend that customers follow the laundering labels on their purchased apparel. The preferred method of washing all decorated apparel is inside out in cold water. Hang or tumble dry on low.