The short answer is yes. The more accurate answer is that we can but often require a sample product to trial on to ensure the fabric is compatible with the selected decoration process. The apparel items we sell have been specifically sourced and tested to ensure the best possible results. When a client brings in an unknown brand item results can vary significantly with DTG but have a little more continuity with our DTF process.

Generally speaking all decorated apparel items are best washed in cold water with like colours. After-which most can be hung dry or tumble dried on low. Additionally it is a good idea to read the recommended care information available on the label of most of our products. Following these guidelines will give you the best longevity for your purchased items.

We currently have 2 production days a week where we finish and package all products for fulfilment. Our aim is to have all items completed in 3-5 business days depending on how busy we are. For high demand seasons such as the holidays we will add production days as needed to complete orders as fast as possible without compromising our strict quality assurance guidlines.

Due to the custom nature of our products we are typically unable to return or exchange a product.

We can ship anywhere in Canada. If you are an international client please contact us and we can assist you with a partner provider in your region.

In order to ensure that our apparel products are of the highest quality they are pretreated to protect and optimize the print. This process can sometimes leave a temporary “outline”  that sometime looks like a wet section of the item. Rest assured this is only until the apparel item is laundered. Please remember to follow the cleaning instructions for your item to ensure optimal life expectancy of the product. 

We offer commercial scale, premium quality garment decorating via Direct to Garment, DTF, Laser (on items like leather patches) and monogramming (and even custom temporary tattoos.) We do not do full embroidery in house but have a network of professional suppliers that create our embroidered hats which we often personalize in our production studio. 

While we could think of a few reasons why our company is a great choice for your custom apparel needs we like to think the 2 key reasons to choose are service and quality. We have invested a great deal in innovation and research to produce high quality garments that stand up to the riggers of regular use. We only print with OEKO-TEX® certified premium textile ink – meaning we don’t compromise safety or quality for the minimal cost reductions. We take pride in our work and aim to deliver the best products and service possible.